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How to cure diabetes – “What The Health” Review

Do you want to die from heart disease or diabetes? Why should a man die from heart disease at 55 years old? This is so peculiar and wrong to me! Some diseases are 100% preventable according to the “what the health” documentary and in this review post you are gonna find out my perspective about the film! (Hint: Must Watch!)

What the Health Review

“What the Health” is a new documentary film by Kip Anderson and it is 1hr. 32 min long (find out more here The film documents a journey of the reporter named Kip who realizes after some interviews some important stuff like pharmaceutical conspiracies, political conspiracies, and meat eating, and last but not least health and heart disease prevention techniques.

The film exposes the corruption and collusion in US government and big business that is costing us billions of healthcare dollars. The best thing is that they keeping us sick on purpose.

How to Cure Diabetes

Sugar does not cause diabetes. Diabetes is actually caused by the buildup of fat in the blood, which is causing insulin resistance, preventing the sugar from getting into your cells, where it belongs. The focus on sugar has taken all the focus off meat, dairy, eggs, turkey, pork, and chicken.

Therefore, processed meat causes cancer and diabetes, not sugar. One serving of processed meat per day increased the risk of developing diabetes by 51 %. The American Diabetes Association on their website was featuring diets for red and processed meat. They had bacon wrapped shrimp in recipes for healthy living.

51%? Can you relate to this? Ain’t this crazy? The American Diabetes Association on their website was featuring diets for red and processed meat. They had bacon wrapped shrimp in recipes for healthy living.

The American Diabetes Association on their website was featuring diets for red and processed meat. They had bacon wrapped shrimp in recipes for healthy living and this is a major issue! The reporter tries to find out why there are such recipes and they keep telling him that they can’t answer that.

One in three Medicare dollars is spent in the care of people with diabetes. One in ten total health care dollars is spent on people with diabetes. When he was asked what is the relationship of the diet and diabetes, Dr. Robert Ratner said, “I’m not going to get into that.”

Diabetes expert and researcher, Dr. Neal Barnard, when asked what role does sugar play in causing diabetes said,

“Diabetes is not and never was caused by eating a high carbohydrate diet, and it is not caused by eating sugar.”

The cause of diabetes is a diet that builds up the amount of fat in the blood!

I’m talking about a typical meat-based, animal-based diet. You can look into the muscle cells of the human body, and you find they’re building up tiny particles of fat which is causing insulin resistance. What that means is the sugar that is naturally from the foods that you’re eating can’t get into the cells where it belongs. It builds up in the blood and that is diabetes.”

Dr. Garth Davis, said, “Everyone thinks that you’re diabetic because of carbs. We did a huge study and that epic study [consisting of] 500,000 people. Carbs consumption was inversely related to diabetes. In other words, the more carbs they ate, the less diabetes they had, but the meat was strongly correlated.”

Get that aha moment.

“The starches, the carbs are good for you. They’re not bad for you. This idea that carbs make you fat is utterly ridiculous.”

“Carbs cannot make you fat in and of themselves. We have storage in our muscles and in our liver for carbs called glycogen. So, when we eat carbs, we either store it or we burn it. Now, eat fat–that goes straight to your fat [fatty cells?]. Your body cannot turn those carbs into fat unless you are really overdoing your calories.”

Veganism and Cancer

In the United States, 1 out of every 4 deaths is related to cancer.

The World Health Organization has classified processed meats such as bacon and sausage as directly involved in causing cancer in humans: Thus, hot dogs and bacon could just be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.

Eating processed meat can increase cancer risk by 18%, based on 800 studies in 10 different countries, finding a direct link between processed meat and cancer. Processed meat includes hot dogs, bacon, sausage, salami, ham, pepperoni, cold cuts, and Deli slices.

The World Health Organization classifies processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen–the same group as cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium. It classifies red meat as a Group 2 carcinogen. How is it legal for kids to eat this way? Many of these studies have been around for 50 years.

When Kip Anderson asked a cancer information specialist at the American Cancer Society why they recommended processed meats, the expert said, “Let me put you on a brief hold and get back with you.” He came back and said someone would get back with him later.


Cut the meat today and please share this article with your friends on Facebook! I won’t tell you to become a vegan if you aren’t one but I will tell you to cut the meat and watch the documentary. It is really well-documented! 😉

Have a nice day and health!

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