Finland McDonald’s Testing A Vegan Burger (It Could Be Heading To The UK)

Fast food chains are always adapting their menus to keep up with competitors and keep people returning to their stores.

This was proved by KFC bringing their ‘Double Down’ sandwich to the UK, which is effectively a bacon and cheese butty, but the bread has been replaced with fried chicken.

McDonald’s have also made a new addition to their menu but heading in a totally different direction to a greasy, meat-filled delight. Instead, they’re catering towards vegans, releasing a dairy and meat free burger.

I mean, it’s not quite a McDonald’s pizza but we’ll take it for the animal-friendly among us…
A Maccies restaurant in Tampere, Finland is currently trialing the burger until the end of November, and if it’s successful enough it’ll be pushed in more locations, Veggie Athletic reports.

Marketing Director of McDonald’s in Finland, Christoffer Rönnblad has praised the response to the new dish, saying he’s heard mostly positive things about it.

“We are following the reaction with interest and we are happy to receive feedback,” he said. “That’s the purpose of the trial.

“The vegan hamburger required extensive in-house product development. The [vegan] hamburger steak is soy based.
“We were really passionate about finding a steak that tastes really good.”

He claims that however, this individual meal performs the franchise will still look to develop its meat-free offerings.
The soy patty is served with fries, which are vegan anyway, but Food Envy questions whether they will be cooked in a different oil to the usual McDonald’s chips, as it’s possible the oil isn’t vegan-friendly.

Rönnblad acknowledges this possibility, saying: “Yes, they are made here in Finland from potatoes and baked in vegetable oil. The fries are completely vegan.”
We’re currently in a time when people are becoming far more conscious not only about their own well-being but also that of animals who are used to make products at places like McDonald’s.

Despite the step forward, it’s very possible that vegans will still refuse to eat at Maccies based on principles.


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